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Back with some news about the next update. Added helicopter as a new option for taking on the giantess. Just beware of flying cars and tanks! Optimizations done on the city leveling level, mainly by programming a LOD system. People added to the city, walking around and having a nice day.. so far. Added new animations and interactions as well as new sounds. Improved AI for the giantess. Various bug fixes, started on a "design you own giant system", but that will be a future thing. Work is in progress for a new version of the old highway level. So lots is happening.

Update soon I hope.

I have a question about the overall story of this game 


It's been 20 days, I think it's safe to ask now.

ok so the story is kinda confusing are the giants the aliens or are they humans being controlled by the aliens you said the alien giants take over the world for a tv show but recently in the confrontation you said that the aliens take humans reprogram their brains and grow them giant to do their bidding 


Well the story is so far basically the aliens reprogramming humans and making them huge, and then sit back and watch as the humans destroy themselves, both as a mean to take over the planet and also as entertainment for their people. Kind of like a gameshow. The story will probably need to evolve as the game progress.

thanks so much 

The game runs pretty well on my computer but there's one problem when it's on Ultra graphic settings.The giantess' walking animation bugs out and makes you moonwalk in place. Mind fixing that?

Hi to the developer. I liked the game and I like how you update it. But there is one thing - when I play for a giantess and where there is a nuclear plant - the game drops frames to 2-5. Can you fix it somehow? Or it’s easier to turn off all the smoke. I am 100 percent sure that this is the case.

You probably play an old version of the game. The new version runs better but I am working on optimizing it more.


Hey Zsansubar,

I play your game and I really like it. Keep going on this. I just have some wiches for the game. It would be really nice if we could interact more with playing the giantess. Something like buttcrush or vore. Or if we pick up people, crush them between the breasts. I see that your are still working on this and excited what comes with the next update. ^^

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The game is great! But I think it would be better if in gaunlet mode giantess didn't only crush people but also could pick
them up and eat


Yeah more interaction, it's a good idea !


This game is awesome luv the idea. Is there any chance to pick different body types like bbw type?


is this going to be playable on  Android in the future? 


Thanks for bug reports :)


i cant wait for the giant boys : D

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On gauntlet, people stuck at beggining and giantess walk next to them. Can you fix that bug?


Yes! Thanks!


Bug for the first mode: if I click "shift", giantess won't "step forward" but only "move" literally when pressing W,S,A,D.

Bug for the third mode: soldiers may run out of bullet, is that right? Btw, will this mode come to another ending except for "You are dead"?

No sound, is that right?

Suggestion: make the giant(ess)'s step shorter, thus, make everything slower and more enjoying!!!

Very willing to pay for e.g.10$ if game goes better and bug free.



I'm impressed by your games, keep the way !


I really wish you just focus on one thing and make it work well instead of doing so many lacking modes that he keeps rebooting. I know this comes off as negative, but I've been watching this project on and off for a long time. At this point, it really doesn't seem like progress.


bring back the old version. All the old gauntlets and giants. This has become a let down now that everything surrounds only around giantess:(


The game is finally looking like it was intended to. Go make your own game somewhere else.


You can keep the old files too


The new confrontation mode is awesome. Would really like to see male Giants added to that mode and city levelling


Unnecessary. This is a waste of development time.


does in the next update you'll add the giant male playable please


This is a good opportunity to win back alienated fans by not pandering to a tiny minority who prefer 'giant male'. Ignoring these whiners will help the game grow both in popularity and monetarily.


hey, zanzibar, have you decided if there would be create your own giantess? Also maybe name your custom giantess.


There will be. I have to make all the content for it first but I have that planned for a future update.

Okay, thanks for letting me know.


hey zanzibar i hope you listen to people a little bit and not just listen to the good things people say ?? and also listen to people who are a little disappointed with what they have done you've made so many of these games and left all the good stuff for new things I even swan some of the old stuff you made but I can't play them because they are gone forever :(

I hope you will want to answer here or privately


Hi! I read and listen to all comments. The old style levels are coming back in new format as well as new ideas. Flattened will get a lot bigger.

and i'm glad to hear :) because i feel ay when there is a new update coming from your site then i just feel it is a new game that will be bad i like what you do with mini games:)


I love this game I’ve been playing it for 2 years. my favorite giant has to be either John or David. bruise is hot to but I’m no fan of muscle giants ( my opinion ).my favorite giantess is all of them ( except the furry I almost never choose the furry 😅 again my opinion) I’m looking forward to future updates to I hope new giant/eases are added one day to. And I can’t wait for the giant battle I saw in the comments 


Glad you like it :)


Yeah it’s the first ever macrophillia game I played


Hello! It is I, the woman who only seems to upload videos of outdated footage of your game! I played it again in September before the latest update after I was told how to actually grow into a giantess in my YouTube comments. (I just took a long time to get around to editing the footage whoops) I have a part 4 coming from this same gameplay session in a few days as well. See in a few months when I upload what will then be outdated footage of the current build <3 


Hi! :) Haha no worries. I wasnt happy with the last build so it is completely rebuilt now. Glad you got some content for your channel out of it! Also love the thumbnail :D 

At least I always seem to have more of the game to look forward to! I'n glad you keep working on it. Thanks for the thumbnail compliment, if you've completely rebuild it again I'll have to update it a little when I upload videos of the latest build!


Part 4~ 
See you again after I play the latest update!


Working on soldiers and their behavior. Taking cover when she comes too close, here she descided to take on a tank...


Working on the next update. The fight against the giants. Try to survive this


That looks amazing! Are you going to add the male Giants to this mode and the destruction mode from the previous update?


Yes and furry too.


you didn't add it :(

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Awesome work!! imo, you should focus on gauntles level.


Justed wanted to say keep up the great work. 


Anyway to release an open sourced version?  I would love to contribute.  I have furry models and can texture map.


could you make giant male model playable please!


i am so disappointed you are working on so many things at once and deleting good games and putting out new things and this one is so badstop making this game and make it a 2 or something I want the old games back as you diddisappointed when evere time you update


[ Keep waiting for Furries ]


The new engine looks good! I'd really like to see the new giantess model in gauntlet mode.


Could you give us the software without compiling to modify it?


Hi, could you release a PC Linux version as well ?


Hope the new update works better!

Bruce gets stuck and constantly goes back and forth on the spot

the game still doesnt load for me and stays at a white screen i have to use taskmanger to close it out


could you please upload the older version with more models?

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zsansubar you are extremely talented, thank you for all you do! I see u said this game is for everyone so I assume you won't be adding in nudity as a feature. I understand and will stop bringing it up. Keep up the great work!


Hi again! The work continues, here is a screenshot from in game. I develop the game with a female giant and adding more when the level is complete, so yes there will be male and furry and monsters and more. Flattened is for everyone, even if you are not into giants who wouldnt like to level a city or two as a mega monster :D Stress relieve.


Looks great, keep up the good work!
(I do hope there are some high heels like the last versions too :D )


I just want to be able to play the darn thing. I have 4 different computers that SHOULD be able to play this but can't. It keeps teasing me.

looks nice!

Is there something we could do to help you developing?



i want to do the boy voice acting :P

Idea for a future tweak/update thats just a immersion boost, when buildings (especially the stadium) are damaged it causes a much higher number added to the kill counter, to give a sense of what is going on. 

Aside that, an option to make them grow say 50% and 2x would be a cool thing (like how the uranium barrels did before). Something as simple as perhaps when the kill counter reached 10k and 20k she grows?


Hi everyone! Yes I bring news on the next update. In typical fashion Flattened is completly rebuilt. The new version is better suited for more advanced and above all more destruction. This means all the 3d models I had created is changed to newer and better suited models for city sized destruction. And 3d modeling takes a lot of time. It was a bit frustrating to start all over again but here we go. The pic is showing the new destroyable building in a test. The new thing is that you are able to tear pieces down and not just the entire building. Making for more advanced crushing. Yes sorry for my horrible grammar, my brain is stuck in C#.


Great to hear from you dude. Excited to see progress. Keep it up!

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So, when will it arrive?

Each update is a completely new game. It is a pity that there are no archives of old versions.

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That's great to hear! We're looking forward to the release, don't forget that you only need to focus on giantess in your giantess game. Other characters are not wanted by your core fanbase, so you can leave them out for now and if you really think you need to, include them in a separate version in the future.

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disagree,its good that there is for everyone something. young male/ male/ woman / furry etc. I hope for myself that (young) male are incl, we need to wait


i disagree too.... i like all kinds of giants :D


hey Zsansubar I just wanna say that your game is amazing and fun I personally enjoy the male giant (just saying because of another comment) I love what you do and can’t wait for the update! Thanks


Will there also be male characters?


can we please block randomchaos from the comment section. I’m tired of seeing his moaning on about how the game should look like.

Zsansubar will include what zsansubar thinks and believes will be enjoyable to everyone. I don’t think zsansubar is putting over characters in just to annoy certain people. You’d find out if you do some research that zsansubar included males and furriers too make more people happy.


I'm tired of you whining idiots ruining a perfectly good giantess game. Zsansubar is generous and gave you what you wanted, but I don't think he fully realized how unnecessary it was to listen to a handful of entitled commenters such as yourself. You want a game with giant dudes, make it yourself. I already backed a giantess game and I'm willing to pay even more if it stays giantess only.


firstly have you noticed your the most whiny person here telling zsansubar what you want the game to be. Everyone else is giving all types of ideas for Male/female/furry giant. No matter what type of giant it is.

Secondly have you not read zsansubar latest post where zsansubar says this game is for everyone not just for one group of people.

Much love to you zsansubar ❤️

Lastly randomchaos have you ever noticed nobody supports your argument seems as they always down voted. It seems like you the entitled one that needs to stop trying to cause a problem with flattened.


I hope a giant twink comes along and squishes you under his athlete’s foot 🦶🏻

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Zsansubar is a very generous person, it's true.

It's unfortunate that his decisions have driven the majority of the massive giantess fandom away because a few pathetic losers keep demanding things that no one really wants.

The only reason you post here and no one else does is because you're desperate thirsty weirdos who latch on to anyone who give them the time of day.  Unfortunately, the extensive giantess community doesn't want games with males in it. So these changes drove them away, thanks to you, really.

As far as whining. If you had all shut your fucking mouths, I never would have had to say a thing, so really, this is all your fault no matter how you cut it.

Yes, it illustrates the silent majority of giantess fans who show their support with funding. They won't buy a game with giant males, unfortunately. They won't even promote it, because it's not what we want. I'm just here to represent the thousands of potential buyers. You're here to drive them away. That's sad.


No one cares what you hope; it won't ever come true. <3

Edit: The offer stands. I will fund this game as long as you keep male content out. Name your price.


1. I can post anywhere I like throughout the internet and that doesn’t discriminate me on who I am. So your compliment on calling anyone who is interested in Male giants is invalid. When making a criticism about the game the last thing to do is attack anyone make an attack on people who are making the criticism.

2. How would you know if the game is not so popular with people who enjoy giantesses. I don’t see any stats or evidence to back your claim up. Zsansubar may have it but zsansubar has not made any mention about it.

3. you can make a donation towards zsansubar for creating this game BUT that is optional. You can get the game for free. zsansubar doesn’t mind as zsansubar does have a job outside of here. You can not prove that if the donation zsansubar has been receiving has been up or down.

4. I’ve made my point always enough for you to understand. I called you out and clapped at you but you failed to clap back at me with anything legit.


Any news on the next update?


Android version? Plssssss

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