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why are the no more update a do not hope you are stopped

More is coming. I have just been really busy with work lately. But still working on an update :)

Good to hear


I absolutley LOVE this game will definitly be throwing my moneys at this game! Love the Desert scenario and the inclusion of Male giants always fun to switch up whos crushing me can't wait for more!!


Great work on this! The new level looks interesting. Looking forward to its release :)

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Whoo! Thanks for the update. So glad to see there's a game like this that -finally- actually has male giants as well.  I've totally got to get to supporting this when money's good. 

Was the game updated?

no, but he posted about a new level 15 days ago.

I gotta say, the highway level is my favorite. You really captured the idea that earth is invaded by giant women. It really works.

Eagerly awaiting the update.


Could you add male giants to the sandbox please and make camera angles as well :D

Can this work on a 32 bit computer? I really wanna play this game but I heard this does not work on 32 bit computers. Please don't tell me this is true.

I d love if you could make fat giant models.. Male and female!! 

Any updates planned?

Yes there is one update coming up soon I hope :)

awesome! Excited to see it

Hey man, love the game. I was wondering if you were open to more game mode suggestions. 

I was thinking of a game mode where you race against other giantesses to grow. You'd all start at the same size like 2x the size of a human and you'd have to crush/eat them to grow. Eventually there would be one winner hunger game styles. If they grow bigger than you by a certain amount you can be killed.

Let me know your thoughts :)

Deleted 187 days ago

Love your clips! They are really good :)

Looks like you fixed the "gauntlet" mode a little too well... you can trigger the "You survived" ending in the rally stage too! Seems you can be crushed still at the end of the gauntlet if you survive as well, but that's not that big a deal in the scheme of things. One thing I'd like to see in the Rally stage though is have the giants be more of a threat. Either actively following you or moving through the city once you leave the track. Great work nonetheless though! :)

Could you add an option to turn off music, please? I'd rather just hear the booming footsteps.

Not sure if this is happening for anyone else, but it looks like the end condition for the gauntlet is bugged again. Couldn't get the barefoot giantess or the giant gauntlet to complete... could still be squashed though! Also seems the gauntlet "competitors" were still spawning in the rally stage... but the giantesses only squashed one or two before they ran off on their own little path. It's still a great game though, really looking forward to what comes next. :)

Thank you for the feedback! I will look into that :)

A new level is unplayable for me.
Every time a giant destroys a house, the game hangs.
The game loads all the main memory. You have to kill the process in the task manager to restart the game. Tried to run the level several times on the fastest 640x480 graphics settings.

It puts a little stress on the computors to calculate all the debris. So for a future update I can make it less demanding by making the buildings fall into less pieces when they are crushed. Thanks for the feedback :)

I am having an issue when I go to launch the game it tells me that there was an error and the program must close. Does anyone have a suggestion on fixing this? Thank you.

Hi! Does it tell you what kind of error?


I really appreciate that male models were included in this game as well. Even though the game is GTS by default it's great to have some optional diversity and it can't hurt to have a broader audience ^_^ Keeping my thumbs up for this project and can't wait to check the new level out!

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Anyone else checking this page constantly dying in anticipation for the next update?


I'm checking it out daily xD

Hopefully a new update within a few hours :) If the internet godesses are with us :D

Very very good game.

2 Quesitons

1) I'd like to make a donation to support this game. I've got Paypal, do you have an email address with which I could use to make said donation, or do you have another way of accepting 'contributions;.

2) Is there a read me that lists the controls that can be used in the game?

Yes I have an email. Thank you for your support! :)

There is not a read me file yet but I can make one for the next update :)

Just made a donation, I hope it helps.

Would it be presumptuous for me to make a couple of suggestions for future iterations of this game? 

Thank you! :) Go ahead, all suggestions are welcome :)

Are 'human' models the only option you have for the 'giant' characters?

Reading through the description, I understand that this story takes place in a dystopian future in which giant aliens have taken control of Earth. If this is the case, it would be cool if the alien looked somewhat...well alien. :) (Or if there was an option to have alien giants)

I'd highly recommend female Quarian's from Mass Effect, or female Spartan's from Halo, or Captain Phasma from Star Wars. (I know the last 2 aren't aliens, but I really like their armour)

I may be talking complete nonsense here as I really don't understand what would be required to port these models over, but again its just an idea from perspective. 


like "Attack on Titan", but in the modern world. :)

why i cant play it on windows ...... i have pay for it .....what can i do now 

You have downloaded it and just run the .exe. Keep the files together, it probably wont run if you remove the exe from the folder. Hope it helps :)

Just something to point out... the giantess fanbase is far larger than the male giant fanbase, so to avoid alienating them, please make sure male giants are optional and not required.
Thanks! I'm happy to send you some money on this content update!

This is by default a giantess game. You have the option to use a male giant but by default its a she :) You will never be required to use the giant :)

Thats great to hear!

Great work so far! Paid some money towards this. Great GTS game :)

Thank you for the support! :)

The game looks really cool. I hope it has more models, customizing your giant, free roam mode, playing with the next updates. It will be awesome!!! Keep it up, good work!!

I was playing the gauntlet and i have to admit that i do liked, it's a simple game but a lof of fun, and of course, hot hehe, but need to thank the guy who mentioned the game in the male giant website, i was playing with the male giant and i really enjoyed, and of course i played the other mods too, it was fun as well, i hope you don't give up de idea to incert male giants in the game, i would totally contribute. GOOD WORK! 

Thank you so much for the update!!! I didn't realize this was just for Windows - would you be able to create a Mac app?

Where can I download this game, I'm very excited for the male giants!


The update is uploading right now. So in a few minutes hopefully it can be downloaded :)

Thanks sorry i'm new to the site, joined just for this, is there a link on this page where the game is downloaded?

Yes there will be a download link on this page as soon as it is uploaded :)

Awesome! I eagerly await

Would you ever consider including a male model version? I and I'm sure others would be willing to pay for it! :)

Yes I will if there is interest :) Thanks for the suggestion :)

Amazing! I'm 100% sure there's interest, including from me.

Also would be interested if there were male model versions in the game. Definitely following this project!

There's already 24 people showing interest in a poll in less than 12 hours. I really hope you consider it! :)

There is a male model included in the new update coming out today. A first version of the male, he will be improved later on. Seeing that there is a big interest in seeing male giants there will be more :) Thank you!

Wow, that's amazing. Can't wait, thank you so much! (Poll is now at 42, by the way :D)

Hey I sent you a small token of appreciation. This game has some good ground work and I hope to see it receive polish in the future. 

I've worked with Daz models in unity. If you ever need help with things like fixing their eyelashes, let me know! You can do a quick thing in Photoshop/Gimp to give them transparency.

Thanks a lot! I would love your help! I guess you work with a transparency map? Take the normal and black/white it? :)

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Daz3d uses "transparency maps" to cause transparency. All eyelash texture files have a "transparency map" associated with them. These maps are black and white image files that tell Daz3d what part of the eyelash needs to be transparent. All the areas marked in black on the transparency maps will appear transparent in Daz3d. 

Unity uses PNG transparency, so just open the eyelash texture map in Photoshop/Gimp, then place the transparency file on a layer above it and use it as a guide to cut out the eyelashes. Or just cut the eyelashes out manually with the transparency map as a guide. You can also do this to hair and clothing that have transparency and etc.

If you don't have Gimp/Photoshop you can try using this old eyelash texture file. It's not perfect but it should work on most current Daz models. 

Thanks a lot! I tried it now using the specular map and turning it into a png. It works! I will probably draw the lashes myself in photoshop and include it into a future update :) Thanks again for your help!

a love the new update :)

It's great, just please put in a button to skip the intros!

Thank you for your feedback! There will be an option to skip the intros in the next update :)

This game has the potential to be something really great! I enjoyed the high-way sequence too, though I noticed some bugs. Next update, I'll toss some $$$ your way for all the hard work!

Thank you! Yes it has some bugs still. Working on fixes right now :)

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