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Game updated 20 may

This game is in very early alpha.


The alien race Biolok has conquered the earth and are using the tiny humans as they wish. As a prime time television game show on their home world the giant aliens let humans fight for their lives in different challenges. Your goal as a human is to survive and win your freedom. The only way out is straight through it.


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Any news on the next update?


Android version? Plssssss


Hey Zsanubar, its been 101 days, just want to peel back the kimono and ask how's it going?  Whats new?  What's Flattened looking like these days?

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when i start the game its just a white screen


i am disappointed you have made everything and taken away many good things and now that something new has come for 3 times you will not correct the errors that are 5/10

love seeing people don't like what i write without answering why :) because what I'm saying is the truth about this game


Add some dialogues, actions, some roaring voices to giantess in giantess mode. Also, the giantess should be able to grow more and fix its bugs and glitches.


roaring? its a human.You forgot to say please.


when will the next update arrive?


I really enjoyed playing this game! I really hope in the new update you will add a male giant to play as and grow. 




Hello, I'm back! Previously I played this game literally one day before you uploaded the major update that is basically a remake of the entire game. I think you've done a great job creating something crisper and cleaner and I even think it controls better. I was disappointed to see that suburb mode is gone but I understand you might not have been able to remake that yet so I hope its back in a future update. As you might see at the start of my video I was incredibly excited to play giantess mode but that excitement turned to extreme frustration as I just could not get to the point where I actually get to grow into a giant! I hope it becomes a bit easier to access in the future because I really want to play it! I also think that blue light inside the building teleporting you back to the start of the level before that SUPER long walk is a bad idea as I kept walking into it backwards accidentally. I get decently in the video but don't take it personally! I'll be following the development of the game for sure!

In giantess mode, you need to get the card from the mess hall then go back to the first room with the guards and go in the door around the corner and turn off the power then the door with the red light won't alert the guards. Make sure you shut the door behind you each time you go through the main door. There's a camera screen on the inside of the main door so you can check where the guards are when you exit. Hope this helps. =)






I like the game but for some reason i cant pick up the nuclear barrels in giantess mode to grow. is this a standard bug or is it working with everyone else or am i doing something wrong here?


I downloaded the game, I really want to try it, but I can not open it, when I open the exe file the program opens but it does not show the videos in the mode selection screen, when selecting a mode, all I get is a screen in white, what can I do?


Wait for the next update like most other people with the exact same problem

May I suggest you start recruiting more people to work on the project to further improve the quality?

There are plenty of people who have experience with similiar projects out there who I think would be willing to join you.

For example these people: https://www.deviantart.com/hgrobo

- https://www.deviantart.com/grimmestgts

- https://www.deviantart.com/tiny-gts-lover

- https://www.youtube.com/user/FuckerRoller


Hello, big fan of the game and I hope you keep improving on your style! This recent update has been pretty fun to play with a few mechanics that really upped the challenge. (Cars can block the path to continue in the gauntlet, giantess mode, etc) Some things that I would like to see in the future is the re-inclusion of the different giantesses and giants and also to get male voices for the citizens as it’s really unbalanced having the women speak and the men stay quiet(except when you drop them) There could also be adjustments made for the giantess mode, like a larger interaction circle and building rendering( destroying too many buildings make the game lag like crazy) A fun idea that would be cool to be implemented is a “Create Your Own Gauntlet” where you have a city template that you can edit the path and add in the different people, cars, and buildings to make your own scenario. Keep up the good work!


Sooo when is the next update coming?

Hi, I love the game, but there are two questions. First, how can I save a game in giantess mode? And second, when I go to the main menu after giantess, there is no cursor anymore and I have to use taskmanager to quit. Can you help?

Hi! There is not a function for saving as of yet and the second thing is a bug, will fix in coming update :)

I'm so bad at it that I couldn't finish gauntlet mode but I kind of loved it regardless. Suburb mode was more my style. I would love it if you could play as the alien giants too

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Ummm, according to the other comments there IS giantess mode. I might have to play again!

Hi! Glad you liked it! It is far from finished still :)

may i give some feedback?

I always liked your game. But the new update has really the best gauntlet map ever! 

And the giantess voices make them more real. :)

- Hope there will follow voices for the giants too ^^;

The gauntlet mode is very special, cause i have never seen something like that in other games. There are many games where you can control the giantess (or a monster) - like titaness and others....

But the gauntlet in "Flattened" is very unique and well done!

So the giantess mode is nice, baut gauntlet is way superior ^^ So my suggestion would be: keep up the other modes... but really focus on gauntlet. Like some other commenters said already: it would be nice to add more giants to select. The giants from former versions... and maybe some new.... how about a giant with long pants and barefooted? :D

Or maybe a lizard-girl?

But thats just an suggestion.

Your game is already so great! I really like the diversity in the tiny crowds. love to run together with all of them ^^;

I one former version you had a rescue and a kindergarden mode.

So... here is another suggestion: why not make a second gauntlet map with a rescue combination? So you play a character who helps other people... maybe rescue some children wich hide in some corners.... and you have to rescue at least 5 of many... to win that mode.... bring them to a safe place... while all the other people just run for their own lives :D

So this would combine all three modes to one (the gauntlet rescue xD)

Why do i suggest that?

Cause you had an rescue mode in a former game... and that was nice... but the map was too big and the giants appeared just form time to time. In this combination you would make it more difficult and the experience would be more intense ... and the gauntlet already works very nice... so :)

But now i say too much. That game is already very good. :)


Welcome to the underworld :D 

Wait... is this planned?

No it is not supposed to happen, will fix!

I see you found level 2

Yes! From what I noticed down there is the way we can do in the upper part, the best part is to see the giantess below, the bad part is that I was trampled and I was not crushed ... I was sent to below ground.


When will the new update be released?

Hi all,

The game work properly and it's really awesome, the giantess mode is a very good idea !

Just can you search another way for taking uranium bar ?

Because after 2 the character grow and i can't take another bar. i have tried during 30 min but really it's too hard. Maybe change the E button into an activate/desactivate which take all thing pass into the blue circle, or make the blue circle more big.

Keep the way it's awesome :)


To all the people having problems with getting it to run, next update will include an installer. That will probably do the trick. Working on bugs and so on for now. Lots more will be included.

ok thank you. hopefully youlr able to get the game up and running ;)

i try some time,i have the raygun,but i don't know how to grow,anyone help me plz?

You have to get up close to someone like really close then make sure it's aimed at them, then fire. That should work

i try kill sone people and press e,but player can't grow again,no power to crush,how to grow again

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I think you need to do it more than once, there should be a bar on the side of the screen if i remember that tells you when you can grow, then go find the nuclear power plant and grab the barrels there

so i must grow and grab the barrles?how can i grab?press what?

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After you grow big enough, there's a small blue circle directly in front of you, you have to line that up with a barrel to pick it up, same with the people after you've got the barrels. It's a bit hard to see it though so you might have to move around until the blue circle lines up with what you want to pick up

Why i dont have the new map and new charecters?

When you download the new version make sure you're loading that one, delete the old version or rename the folder like "FlattenedOld" and make a new folder "FlattenedHD" for the new one, then you'll know which one is the newest. 

Hi I downloaded and was downloaded as a .rar on mac will it not work for mac?? I really want to play this. 

thanks for the update!! Would love to see all the giant/giantess model that you could choose that you had before for the next update, including the new game mode you made!

i hope someone can make a new viedo about this update,because my computer is too old and can't play,i want to see a gameplay video,plz


Maybe made something like free camera mode. I wish to wacht freely how giantess crush tinies.

I have literally tried everything I possibly can to make the game play and yet I still can’t get it to work. All the other types of games I have work perfectly fine but it’s only flattened that doesn’t seem to work.

Help me please zsansubar

Do you use windows 10 like I do? because in properties-compatibility there's no windows 10 option, I don't know if that has anything to do with this game not working for me either, I just want to know if that might have something to do with this game not working for some of us.

The new update looks pretty good and the game looks promising, just a few things to mention though.

The lighting in the gauntlet levels or at least the lighting for the models, are they meant to be that dark or is that a glitch?

As someone else has mentioned, there are a couple of bugs with the cars on gauntlet. Sometimes they fall/clip through the ground, sometimes they also get pushed into a position that prevents moving past and have to wait for the giant to kick them out of the way or restart the level.

Also as mentioned by others, the lag on the new level only seems to happen (at least for me) when the camera is pointing in a certain direction, but when pointed in a different direction (facing a different part of the map) it stops lagging completely. Not sure if there is an object/s causing the lag or something else.

All in all though i'm looking forward to the future of this game, new levels and more character models would be great of course but i am happy to wait for those as i know there's plenty of technical stuff (bugs and glitches ect) to sort out first. Keep up the good work. =]

i think that the way gets blocked by some cars is not a bug, but perfectly fine. I would expect some troubles if you flee from a giant. And if you have to wait for him until he crushes that cars flat and... try to avoid getting underfoot is kind of funny. So i think there is no fix needed.... and how should you fix that? the cars fly randomly.^^

The giantess mode has indeed some bugs. I think there are too many objects in one direction... so the grafix card has extreme amount of work when you look into that direction.

i can't use nuclear :(and are disappointed you take away all the old stuff that you have made

i have trouble getting past the guard what do i do well first but when i go to the door where weapons are they come after me

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just run and skip them

a can not run from the to fast?

You need the ID card from the mess room, then go to electrical room and hit switch, then go back and get the weapon. As for the guards just make sure they aren't looking when you go through the door, on the other side there is a camera so you can check where they are before you come back out.


please zansubar includes giant men, and has better interaction, includes jhon and the other giant to handle them please and update better but do not exclude please the giants men

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1) New level lags really bad even on low quality graphics.

2) Some buildings won't squish.

3) There is also some type of popping sounds on the guantlet levels, I think it's the voices.  

4) Please bring back around the lake level and other old levels.

5) You can fall through the world on the straight guantlet level. (used furry giantess, happens very rarely (happens if your very close to her foot.) Cars also go through the floor. 

6) You can get blocked in by cars if they fall right, recommend adding jump in.

dude why the new level lags so much ... i set the grafics at very low and still it s laging , the other levels running smoothly at ultra 

If you turn the camera to face a certain direction on that level the lag will stop, just try and turn the camera until the lag stops and keep it focused on that direction, it makes it harder to know where you're going but at least the lag should stop, worked for me anyway.


When I open the game I hear "hi little bugs" and then the music loops infinitely while the screen just stays white. Does anybody have a solution to this?

same here

Check your graphics card drivers are up to date, check there are no anti-virus programs stopping it, try lowering graphics settings, run as administrator. If none of those work then i'm not too sure what the problem/solution is.

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Nothings working! It's like this game hates me! I *really* wanted to play this too...

I tried using my old,beat up windows 7 and while the game at least starts this time it refuses to finish loading gauntlet or giantess mode...It's like it's taunting me..

One thing you could possibly try, see if you can load up a different game that's similar to this and see if it works fine, like VRChat or something like Sizebox which i think use the same engine/assets, see if it's just this game that is having issues or if other similar games are also failing to load properly. 

Whats sizebox? Where do I download it?

Look on reddit for the Sizebox subreddit, and you can download it there

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I've tried opening Flattened HD, fail.

I've tried opening Sizebox. Success, takes a couple of seconds but that's the content I have.

White screen is really annoying and is a blue screen essentially

Edit: Should mention I've tried both multiple times, and that I've tried a lot of troubleshooting. Nothing works to fix Flattened for me.

Edit2: And I only remember now that the previous version of Flattened was a flawless open

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Update on this, I had a download of Flattened.rar in an itch file, unpacked it and it was missing a file, something like resources.resS

I have no idea if it has something to do with the game on a white screen.

Something else too is that I uninstalled and then installed Flattened again, tried running it up again, and the screen was grey, but then white and... forever unusable.

Deja vu... nearly forgot to mention its only a data pack, no game

Ok I've played sizebox and it works just fine more or less

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Are you planning add new giantess?

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