First version of the new level highway is in the game. Game still in very early alpha.


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Feb 18, 2018

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I love the lighting in this level. And the explosions and fire and cinematic way the giantess rises up from the fire at the start was really impressive. I also like how the scale of the girls varies in this mode. I don't know if that was intentional, but some look way bigger than others and I'm quite partial to multi-sized scenarios!

Here are some suggestions regarding this particular level: 

1. Games typically give warnings before something deadly comes your way. Try making a warning sound and visual cue/marker (like an arrow or circle on the ground) that tells you when one of those random cars is going to come smashing down from the sky. It'll feel less random and frustrating to the player when they die to one.

2. The ropes are very hard to see and the player has no idea what they look like. Perhaps give them a small glow around them so players can see them. And place one right in front of where you exit the car. This will show players what they're looking for. I would also add more than 5 ropes. You can't see over the center highway-barrier, so it's very easy to walk right by a rope. You should have at least 7-8 ropes in total in case a player misses one. Having to turn around and go back to find ropes you missed can ruin the feeling of urgency/danger.

3. The rope count doesn't diminish if you restart the level. I can collect 3, die, and then restart and the counter still says 3/5 ropes. Might want to fix that!

Thank you for your feedback! :) I like your ideas a lot and will absolutely include them in the next update! Also a big thanks to the bug spotting! I do so much programming and developing so to actually test the game fully is hard without your help :)

Anytime! I took a few game development classes in college and we had to bug test other classmate's games. Fun stuff. I totally get what yet going through!


Fun update but the random exploding cars falling from the sky have prevented me from figuring out how to get off the highway.