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This update contains a male giant, changes to the gameplay on the highway. Bug fixes.


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Feb 24, 2018

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This was the first version of the game I've played, so I can't compare about the progress, but I'd want to share a few thoughts.

I've plated the gauntlet mode the most (since it has a male model implemented) and even though the idea is simple it's also really fun. I did have a hard time maneuvering around cars though, I got stuck when I got too close to any of them. Especially the ones that were already flattened gave me some hard time - it'd be nice to be able to be able move over those. Personally I think it'd be cool if the giant strolling around the gauntlet lane had some more actions like, for example, stopping for a moment and looking around, taking a step to the side and back to the lane,  occasionally making a bigger steps/jumps. Just some simple stuff to add more variety :) It would be also helpful if the restart option got you back in action instantly, without returning to the model choice option.

I've tried the race mode too, but the car's response seemed too wild for me! My car spun and I've kept loosing the sense of direction I'm supposed to be going @_@ A map or 'wrong direction' display would help. Including some AIs riding alongside might be interesting too. Also I didn't have much luck with bumping into the giant ladies, it seemed they had something more interesting to do in the other part of the map xD

I really liked the highway level o_o Even though giantesses are not my thing the general air of danger, figures lurking ominously in the darkness and death coming from above made this a pretty intense experience. This part of the game seemed pretty polished and fun to play.

As for giant's behavior throughout the game I liked the booming sound of their footsteps, it builds the immersion. I think it would seem even more impactful if screen-shakes were added, with their intensity increasing as the giants move closer, maybe even making the character jump a little as a foot lands nearby. I also think it would be cool if they turned their heads to follow the players movement, so we'd feel that we're being watched as we traverse the dangerous terrain. In daylight mode adding shadows might look cool, but I'm not sure if this wouldn't cost too much computational power to render.

All the ideas above should be taken with a grain of salt, as the game is in an early-alpha and some things just can't be expected of it at this stage. Playing it as is now is still a lot of fun ^_^ Thank you for your hard work!

Nice update! 

The rope update was handled really well! Love how they're in the red wall-mounted boxes. I like the truck/flare event you added to highway to sneak past the new giantess. And of course thanks for adding the warning before a car flies down and crushes you. Good on you for adding one option for GT lovers as well. I'm going to guess coins are going to be used to unlock things later on, which is why you get so many for beating a scenario and why they pass on to other mini-games?

Suggestions for Highway:

  • If the warning marker in the highway level is not a placeholder graphic, i'd make it a calmer color as the bright pink warning can be blinding when you're standing inside of it.
  •  I didn't realize the flare was the only way past the new fist-smashing gts until she killed me once. I thought she was just a prop that didn't move outside of the opening cutscene. Perhaps have her lift her hand up or look towards the player when they get close. This will warn the player that she sees them and will probably kill them if you keep walking. Walking backwards can reset her back to her normal pose.
  • Lastly, there's a big empty eventless area between the fist-crushing giantess and the glowing cube.  I'd add 1 more event to highway right there and then I'd say the scenario is perfect. Maybe that really big giantess who breaks the bridge at the start comes back? Or the one with the helicopter shining a spotlight on her starts moving. Anything to give it that climactic ending/final boss-moment right before you barely escape.

Thanks! The coins you gather will be used in the big final stage for upgrades and progress. It will be like a giant sandbox. I like the suggestions and will play around with colors and add more animations to the giantess :)