New level and setup

New level out for testing. Sometimes the giant gets stuck, working to solve that. Also the game now comes with a setup. Took forever to get it uploaded, now onto bugfixing :)


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Mar 09, 2018

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Very creative scenario. I love your use of music. Like the jumpscare sound/music that plays when *spoiler*.

Would a zip file option be possible. The launcher is really smooth but I always extract the zip files into a size-themed folder away from all my normal games. ^_^

Spoiler alert

So after we get into the building (I don't know how to get the code properly, I just typed in random numbers and it worked), is the giant supposed to be male if we selected male? Otherwise I'm kind of overall just confused about how to run aw

There is a way to get the code properly. The giant inside the bunker is only female so far. The main giant outside is the one you can change. But it might be a thing for the future to change them all :)

Look for a hut without a door. Your clue is in there.

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Amazing!!! Would it be possible to post a Mac build too? I'm currently running it through VMware but it's too slow to do any useful testing