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The game won't start for me it just stays as a white screen forever. Is there some trick I'm missing?

Same thing with me

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Hi, I wanted to say I really enjoyed the new giantess mode, I like the puzzle solving aspects of the mode, but there's a few things.

1. Out in the city, the camera is buggy, and it slows down the world every time you turn.

2. I was able to take the gun and steal enough energy for me to grow, but then it says nuclear energy so I ran to the plant, and there are nuclear barrels, but I can't interact with them at all. There is no option to eat them, so I couldn't complete the level!

3. If you could please give an option to skip the heist part of this level if you've already done it? It was fun the first time but just gets tedious after.

Edit: I decided to edit this with more feedback! I enjoy the two gauntlet levels, but could you please include a camera that follows her around after you get crushed like you did in the old flattened? I enjoy being crushed, but I also enjoy watching the npcs be squished, and it's impossible to watch with the huge crushed logo blocking your vision. Thank you for the update by the way!

The blue circle is the "crosshair", you can interact with the barrels if it is on them. Though after eating 2 of them the character is too big so it is near-impossible to interact with the rest of them or with humans.

oh, ok! I thought that might be the case, but I just thought it would need to be near it, not actually on the barrels. I should have tried that but it's a bit hard to control the blue thing precisely. I'll give it a try now, thanks!

This a promising update, the voices are great and I also really like how the hitboxes are so tight. Before there was sort of an invisible field that would kill you if she stepped near you, now if it's not right on you, you live, which is a very intense moment. The cars being knocked around is awesome too. Though, it can mean that you get stuck until the cars blocking your way are flattened or knocked loose. This could be resolved if you could jump, I think.

The giantess mode was really cool. I enjoyed the little plot and running around smashing everything.

As always, your little scenarios are creative and enjoyable and I hope to see more.

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How to past to next level on gauntlet? I've reached the end of , and new level doesnt unlocke.

Both the gauntlet levels seem to just have one level each but the track is split into two parts, just pay attention to the giant, if you've reached the 2nd half of the track they will stop walking back to where you first started and now the halfway point will be their new starting point on both levels.

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Is anyone else running into a problem with the main menu?

All I have is the voice greeting me to the game and the music playing but no main menu appearing. It’s just a blank white screen

Zsansubar please help

Same here

That is strange, then it must be stuck halfway through the title screen. I havent been able to replicate the problem. Maybe it has something to do with your anti virus program blocking it?

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I’ve switched my anti virus program (mcafee) off and there is no changes to the game.

Help :(


Great game. Hopefully one day it can achieve, or even surpass Sizebox as the go-to game for the macro community.  


Just donated $10 to help the cause. Thank you for making this gay friendly and for using Male characters! You’re awesome zsansubar!

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I just discovered this game through a video on twitter; that of the giantess furry cheetah stomping on humans. This would certainly be a game I would like to try out. I cant wait for the completed project so I can test it all out and run from her paws. :) 


Hi everyone! I am really sorry for the time it takes. I feel really bad about it! Still waiting for the sounds, you need the sound to understand how to play the game now. It is more story and without the sound you are lost so it will be worth the wait. I will be very careful in predicting when the next version will be realesed because my last guess was way off. The game is ready for a release and has been ready since a few weeks now, but I really want that sound first. Once again I am really sorry for the time it has taken. I never knew that there would be so much interest in my crappy game, and for that I am really greatful! 


Glad to hear you're okay! Thank you for the update, we'll just relax and wait.

Your game is actually pretty awesome, which is probably why we're all eager for an update!

No problem, thanks for the update :)


hello boy, I love your game, but please do not exclude the giant men, that's the part that I love the game, please have the controls and please do not exclude the update, put them clothing and that we can control one as much in the feminine as in the masculine, I would appreciate it very much, I love your work, hopefully one day you can explain us how you do it and with what software you do it


Including giant males actually lost a lot of interest from the larger community (GTS fans) which far outnumber anyone else interested in this type of game.

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Except I don't see how. They're literally optional. It's their loss if they're that bullheaded that they can't just choose the female giants just because 'o no, there r guyz in dat game'.  If there actually are any people like that, there are very few. Not a big loss considering the fanbase he's gaining by allowing guys as a 'choice'.
You literally don't even have to see the guys at all. So what you say doesn't float.


Your response is well reasoned, well thought out and entirely wrong. This is the fetish community. There are TONS of people like that. The vast majority of the community in fact. And they are not going to shell out 12$ for a game which has M/m content in it. They just won't. Even if it's optional, they're going to look at the screenshots and go "Ew." and move on. Far more people will be lost than gained by the absolutely minuscule in comparison to the giant male fanbase.

Zsansubar only included it to be nice, but now it's costing him sales.

Please make your own games and stop trying to get your stuff in ours.

"The alien race Biolok has conquered the earth and are using the tiny humans as they wish. As a prime time television game show on their home world the giant aliens let humans fight for their lives in different challenges. Your goal as a human is to survive and win your freedom. The only way out is straight through it."

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'People will look at the screenshots and go ew' 

-Please show me where in what screen shot it shows a guy. All of them are girls. Any not showing the top half can be assumed as a girl as thus as well. So you're wrong there.

I don't see how you think you can speak for the 'vast majority' either considering you have absolutely no place to do so. You are just yourself with your own one opinion. Stop speaking for others, it's quite pretentious. You have no proof people are not going to buy this well made game based solely on that. If they are, yhey're missing out on very well made content for something they can easily ignore.

I don't know if you realize but catering your game to a larger audience by providing options is a smart sales tactic, not shutting others out by limiting the choices available. Have you ever been in sales? By the sound of it, I doubt so. Try not to assume. 

You also have no proof that it's costing him anything. You're saying this with no basis at all. Not to mention your entire post reeks of privilege. 'Stop trying to get stuff in ours' like this game 'belongs' to the giantess fandom. Let him add what he wants, and do as he wants. Trying to push him (or anyone) to alienate a whole fanbase by giving 'optional' content is so wrong and selfish I don't know where to begin...


I hope you're doing well zsansubar


So... it's been a month. We'd all really appreciate some kind of update, even if it's just to know you're still alive and doing okay.

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I don't mean to be difficult but it's been 18 days since your last update when you said you were almost ready to release and close to have a year since the last actual update. I think we'd all really appreciate a realistic estimation of time until release.
Thank you,


You guys need to calm down. Just go do something else. Check back here once a month, and if there's no update? Just go back to what you were doing. This is an indie giantess game made for fun. There's no reason it should feel so important to anyone that you feel the need to badger the creator every 5 days for news.


They’re only asking for the status of the game so far and an estimation to when the game will be released. They’re not breaking down his door it’s only because everybody hates being left in the dark with nothing being said.

Secondly everyone has the right to come to this site when they please. If your so bothered by it just ignore people’s comments they have the right to their opinion just as much as you are.

Thirdly this is an early alpha sci-fi/ fantasy game not indie.


Indie is not a genre, it means the game is not funded by a publisher but self-financed by the developers themselves, usually several people at max.


Hello, I've seen the gameplay on youtube and I was wondering  how much would you charge to compile the Linux version.  :D

PS: Great Job! 

Never mind.. I made it work with Wine. I love it! Thanks for your hard work. :D

can you take me through the steps to make it work for Mac?

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Linux and Mac are not so similar as one could think. Though, as far as I see, the author has compiled a MAC version so it shouldn't be too hard to make it work for you. On Linux I had to use the Windows version but it works almost out of the box if you have a decent GFX card and WineHQ 4.5 (testing release) installed on your system.

so how's it going


I really hope that the HD version has the male giants still in it. it's great that you included them with the last couple of updates to the game and we need more games with giant males in them. looking forward to the release if you keep them in :)


I’m good to wait for the finished product. No sense in ruining a good thing because of impatience. 

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Valid Point 👍

Honestly, I agree. I never played the original with sound to begin with....


Hey man, any estimate of when we'll be ready for the next update? There's a lot of us waiting patiently and checking in daily...


Scenario idea here:

Aeroplane Escape

You are a pilot. Originally you are on the plan to escape through the aeroplane with a huge group of people.

However, a mega giantess rises from the far city as you see from the plane.

The giantess is targeing your aeroplane.

You know what to do. Escape!


I don't know how that makes sense or would be fun. 


just sounds like a rip off version of the highway level

So excited. The inclusion of new sound (dialogue?) is great.


Hi everyone! All is done for the next update, the last thing is still the sounds that a friend of mine is doing. Sadly she got sick so we have to wait a little. When I get the sounds it is release time. I dont want to release a game without sounds.

Great to hear. Yeah the game would be less fun without the sound so it will be worth the wait. Looking forward to it. Hope your friend gets well soon.

awesome! Looking forward to it!

Thanks for at least tell us all what is happening with the update :)

It's better to hear what is going on rather than not hearing from you at all

Pardon the pun please I'm cringing over it

If its possible to say, what's the eta looking like for the sound?

No problem, happy to wait for the sound as it's a big part of it for me to have the booming footsteps! Hope your friend gets better. Looking forward to the update when it's done :)

What engine are you working with?

Are you interested in collaboration?

Maybe we can chat on a discord server?

Played by Kizuna Ai-chan!

Waiting time: ∞

Queues waiting for this update: ∞

when is the next update coming?

Man it's ok… I mean I am also very happy to know he is working on the game, but trust me Zsanzubar knows what he is doing, so if he think he needs a bit more time, let him the time!

Remind yourself he works on his free time… 

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it's only a question x

Super excited for the next update. Thanks zsansubar! Hope nudity was possible / easy if so :) 

any ideas when the update gets released 

We don't know, but probably soon. I'm excited.

same here


Giving you a little sitrep, the game is almost ready for a release. The only thing left now is the sound. I am getting some help with the sound files so when they are done I can launch the first new update on Flattened HD.

So can we expect an update tonight? (Sunday) 

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I don’t even know, but I think he’ll keeep the promise. If he delayed I am also expecting to get the update as late as tomorrow something.

Yeah same. 

When do you think the update will be ready?

Cool :)

Deleted 1 year ago

On sunday xx.xx.20xx at xx:xx.


So when do you expect to have the next update, sir?

It’s... already 4 monthes.


On sunday I´m hoping. Looks like it :)

omg can't wait!

Could we possibly have the giants being vocal during the game and mock the player if we get flattened

But make this optional for anyone one doesn't like the sound of the giant

Anyone still have a downloaded file of any version that had the highway level on the bridge never got a chance to play it and it looks awesome . Would really appreciate it if someone could upload a link to anonfiles or mediafire. Thanks

Is there going to be a download for Mac anytime soon?


Just so you know, this is really poor manners. Mac and Linux are tiny platforms. No one makes things for them because it's pointless work for a worthless platform which makes up nothing of the user base. If you don't want to get a real computer, please, PLEASE stop your begging requests for someone to put in a ton of work for just you. Dual boot. Whatever. Grow up. No one is going to waste a second making their niche product compatible with inferior operating systems.

I think I must get an apple computor first. You really need an apple computor to develop for apple. So right now it is not possible for me to make an apple version. I am sorry.

I have some ideas that might be helpful.

Be able to turn the shaking off entirely

Have a map on the bottom corner of the screen and have the giant be a red dot on said map so they can't sneak up on you

make it so that people playing on a lower resolution can actually start the game because the start button is nowhere to be seen.

maybe be able to make a custom giant

make Amanda's eyes not glow in the dark, it's spooky D:


I disagree with all of that.

Why? whats so bad about playing on a lower resolution? the new game button won't appear if it's any lower than 800x600.

I have taken note of your suggestions. The resolution problem you mention is a real problem that I have to look into. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. In the future there will be costumization for the giants.

Thanks for humoring me

Any update on this game?

A big update is coming up. I think I can release it soon, the update contains city size destruction so a lot of work is going into making it optimized for normal computors. Hopefully out soon.

nice man! But take your time, we are all sure you are doing super work!!

No need to rush it, take as much time as you need with the updates, that being said i'm looking forward to the next one you're doing great work  =]

Glad to hear you're still cracking on with this. Damn good job thus far! Keep it up :)
Happy to have thrown money at you in the past ;)

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Does anyone else have difficulty playing the evac level. It's just playing frame by frame and not running smoothly as the others.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's just my laptop thats causing it and I don't know how to make it run better.

how do you be the giantess

That update is not out yet.

thank you

I wish later we will have a chapter about human striking back?

That we can have bazookas and shrink guns?

how do you play as the giantess?


A freakin’ bad idea:

If you have a level that you can walk on a giant’s body.

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